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Carolyn Hansen
Hey it's Carolyn and on this page you will find brief summaries of ALL the products I have created over the years which have been placed on the ClickBank platform.

If you are a ClickBank affiliate and you are looking for resources to help you promote my products you will find everything you need to do so on the various affiliate resource pages linked to from this central hub.

Please note that these different affiliate areas are independent of one another. They were built as standalone support pages for different products at various times over the years. Because of that you may have to register anew as an affiliate on those sites which are dedicated to the products that interest you.

Primarily you are going to discover high-quality email swipes written for different products maintained on different ClickBank accounts. So while you may use the SAME ClickBank nickname to promote a given product, please be aware that the vendor IDs are usually different for the various products. But not always (some products may be distinguished by a product ID).

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or you have ideas about how to improve various promotions, please do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas.

Carolyn Hansen
My Products And Their Affiliate Resources
370 Healthy Desserts And Snacks + Bonuses

Ideal for any weight-conscious demographic with a sweet tooth that would like to retain their comfort foods but nix the junk food... In addition to the 100 Healthy Raw Snacks book this bundle includes recipes for 100 Healthy Raw Desserts, 50 Desserts With Hidden Veggies, and 50 recipes for Healthy Homemade Ice Cream.

ClickBank ID: blendbites | Commission: $24.92

21 Days To Healthy Eating

Need to appeal to a younger physique-obsessed audience? This no-nonsense guide to acquiring six pack abs is packed with fat buring tips, meal plans, and workouts designed to destroy belly fat. Written by a former hard-core national competition-level body builder who learned what works through a lot of trial and error!

ClickBank ID: cyspabs | Commission: $24.92

Activate The Self Healing Process Within You

Is your audience more mature? Then they will know disease and suffering is the inevitable result of not taking proper self-care over the years. They will also be heartened to learn that preservation of their health over that same time frame is quite possible - if they will just agree to work with their body and allow the self-healing process to do its thing. This guide explains how.

ClickBank ID: selfhealu | Commission: $24.92

Hot Legs Workout

Do you cater to a female audience hungry for youth-preserving beauty tips? A former competitive body builder reveals her secrets to building a pair of "beautiful pins". For any woman who wants to turn heads like clockwork, there is no more reliable way to do it than to head into the gym and adopt the cellulite-busting, muscle-regenerating, and leg-reshaping principles laid out in this book...

ClickBank ID: hotlegs | Commission: $24.92

Hot Metabolism

No matter who your audience is they know weight loss is neither automatic nor easy. But what they may be unaware of is that at the cellular level their body runs a metabolic furnace which can be persuaded to convert those unwanted pounds of excess body fat into the power needed to propel them through life. They just need to be shown how to find the "on switch" and begin the burn. This guide points them to the switch!

ClickBank ID: hotmet | Commission: $24.92

The Minimalist Program

Is your demographic obsessed with matters of fitness? Then they might be curious about how to get the most bang for their buck when they begin exercising to lose weight and/or build muscle... After all, if one can achieve the same body-reshaping results in 20 minutes performing a much more efficient (minimalist) routine than one that would take an hour... which approach do you think they would prefer?

ClickBank ID: minimalism | Commission: $24.92

No Excuses Body Makeover

This recurring membership program provides its exercise-weary users with six months of week-by-week psychologically motivating email messages. In addition they receive ongoing quality products from the Carolyn Hansen health and fitness catalog. Admittedly the commission is not large, but it keeps coming every month...

ClickBank ID: nemakeover | Commission: $14.60

Rebound Free Weight Loss

Help your demographic avoid the pain and frustration associated with yo-yo dieting - the cycle of weight loss triumph followed by the inevitable return of unwanted body fat. By identifying the cause of the issue this guide explains how one can break the practice of dieting for a lifetime and slim down once and for all.

ClickBank ID: norebound | Commission: $24.92

Reclaim Your Longevity

If you market to an older demographic - those who have reached middle age - you can be sure they are receiving daily reminders of their mortality. The mirror does not lie, and ignorance of how to slow the aging process quickly takes its toll. And that is why you can be sure your audience will be receptive to the promise of a 90 day action plan designed to help users reclaim their longevity.

ClickBank ID: longliving | Commission: $17.98

Stop Weight Loss Resistance

Sometimes your demographic will feel as though they have tried every trick in the book to lose weight and yet nothing ever seems to work for them. For these people, who are weight loss resistant, this guide provides 6 surefire strategies - every one of them with the potential to eliminate this frustrating barrier in their lives.

ClickBank ID: slowtoslim | Commission: $24.92

Side Hustle Gems

Inside this guide the reader will find 10 tales of entrepreneurial success. Each is based on the idea that one can tap into their passions and their hobbies to launch an online-based side business from home. Nor will one need a large budget to get started. Your audience will find these 10 stories of side hustle ingenuity both inspiring and hard not to want to emulate!

ClickBank ID: sidehustlegems | Commission: $17.98

Super Productivity Secrets

If your demographic sees themselves as entrepreneurs who feel willing and ready to operate at FULL capacity, then this guide was written for them. They will discover how to put themselves on the cutting edge of what it is humanly possible to achieve and live the life everyone would if they only knew what was possible.

ClickBank ID: prodsecret | Commission: $17.98

Life Mastery Collection

This is a LARGE collection of products, with Side Hustle Gems as an upsell. It comprises roughly 90 different titles from the personal development and financial improvement niches, should appeal to most demographics as it has something for everyone. We can all afford to improve ourselves, and no one every said no to a little more in the bank account.

ClickBank ID: lmc | Commission: $24.92